Who are we?

The Mountain Forum is an online media with more than 18 years of activities, focus in Sustainable Mountain Development (SMD) around the world. We cover national and international activities and issues among news, social media reporters and specialized and opinion articles.

Our team is conformed by:

  1. Maria Argüello, Chief Director
  2. Musuq Briceño, InfoAndina Coordinator
  3. Dora Arévalo, Communicator

In addition, Mountain Forum has the ambition to be  a knowledge repository and social network. With want to be is best specialized online community to share information and experiences on any issue related to mountains and sustainable mountain development.

Furthermore the original content created by community members, the MF platform is preparing to aggregates content from several information networks and content providers around the world. It is the case of the Asia Pacific Mountain Network, the UCA Mountains Societies Research Institute and InfoAndina. And as scalable, it will be able to host other organizations that want to connect their knowledge content into the MF Knowledge repository.

It’s multilingual interface that facilitate the access for people speaking Spanish, French, Russian and English.

Join us at mtnforum.org or follow us in twitter and facebook.