Mountain Forum

Mountain Forum is a global network of individuals and organisations concerned with the well being of mountain people, their environments and cultures. Its mission is to promote global action toward equitable and ecologically sustainable mountain development and conservation through information sharing, mutual support and advocacy.

Mountain Forum seeks to share the knowledge, lessons and experiences of mountain people among a wide and diverse global community of researchers, field practitioners, policy makers, civil society groups and other stakeholders related to mountains. All together, we try to bring key issues into policy discussions at national and international levels with the aim to improve the livelihood of mountain people and to promote the conservation of mountain environments and cultures.

In order to achieve these objectives, Mountain Forum uses modern and traditional communications, supports networking and capacity building and encourages members to be proactive in advocating sustainable development of mountain areas. Mountain Forum's electronic information services include global, regional, and thematic discussion lists, focused e-conferences, a calendar of events, and a rapidly growing online library of mountain resources.

Mountain Forum was founded in 1996, through extensive discussions and participation of mountain stakeholders, as a global network of networks guided by an appointed and elected Board of Directors. It functions as a network of networks, comprising of a Global Node (managed from Lima, Peru) and five regional networks, or nodes, each of which is hosted by eminent partner institutions:
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* African Mountain Forum (AMF)
* Asia-Pacific Mountain Network (APMN)
* European Mountain Forum (EMF)
* InfoAndina (Latin American Mountain Forum)
* North American Mountain Forum (NAMF)

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